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By European standards, Odessa is a young city. It was founded by Catherine II in 1794, when the Russian empress decided that a port on the Black Sea for the expansion of ties with Europe. Once at the site of the city was located the ancient Greek settlement, then there lived Crimean Tatars. They were succeeded by the Ottoman Turks, who founded the fortress Khadjibey, which was captured by Russian troops in 1789.

Odessa is well located geographically, rest in this city is so popular today, has rapidly evolved from a small settlement in the commercial, industrial and scientific center of European importance. On the 100th anniversary of its foundation, Odessa occupied the 4th place in the Russian Empire in size and level of economic development after St. Petersburg, Moscow and Warsaw. During the 1st World War and the Russian Civil War the city experienced the devastation and chaos, during the 2nd World War was partly destroyed.

Despite the historic upheaval in the last century the population of Odessa has nearly tripled. Today, the city continues to grow, and now as a major industrial and resort center of Ukraine. The mild climate, plenty of beaches and warm sea attract thousands of tourists to the city, which had long been earning it the title of "Southern Palmira."

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Rest in Odessa can satisfy the most discerning guests, who can choose a condition in accordance with the needs and financial capabilities. Modern Odessa - is the European city with beautiful parks and gardens, beautiful beaches and plenty of places to stay. In Odessa you can wander all day long, constantly discovering something new. There is also entertainment for every taste, and secluded nooks for loving couples. Everybody can find a place on the mood and soul. But all, without exception attracts sea. And it is always unique in Odessa.

Cultural holidays in Odessa

Attraction in Odessa is famous Potemkin Steps, which now has 192 steps. His Serene Highness Prince Mikhail S. Vorontsov gave staircase that cost him 800 thousand, his wife Elizabeth Ksaverevne. In Soviet times, the ladder was renamed in memory of the uprising on the battleship "Potemkin" in 1905 (before the revolution called Richelieu, since its beginning is a monument to Duke de Richelieu). The construction of this giant ladder was started in 1837 and completed in 1841.

Odessa: cultural holiday rising on the Potemkin stairs, you can get on the seaside boulevard. Hence good panoramic view of the port. All along the boulevard stretching beautiful architectural ensembles, but here, in front of one of the most beautiful buildings of Odessa City Council, stands a monument to the great Russian poet Alexander Pushkin. Primorsky Boulevard - a popular place for walking and recreation for residents and visitors of Odessa. Extensive array takes Central Park of Culture and Leisure. Shevchenko, a former Alexander Park. There's a monument to the Unknown Sailor. Ever-burning fire at its base reminds people of the great feat of the defenders of Odessa.

No less attraction is the city's main street Deribasovskaya, named in honor of the founder of Joseph Deribas, and the adjacent area of ??Greek. At present, most of the street and the area is pedestrian and, together with their affiliated city garden are among the residents and visitors of the city an attractive place to stroll and relax.

Prominent place in the cultural life of the city is Odessa National Academic Theater of Opera and Ballet. Its building was built in the years 1884-1887, is a unique architectural monument.

Odessa recreation

During rest in Odessa you can visit:

  • Theatre of Musical Comedy. M. Merman
  • Russian Drama Theatre. Ivanov
  • Ukrainian Drama Theatre. B. cornflowers
  • Odessa Regional Philharmonic
  • Theatre for Young People
  • Odessa Puppet Theater
  • Odessa State Theater of Young Spectators them. Ostrovsky
  • Odessa State Circus
  • Odessa Municipal Theatre Brass Music. A. Salic
  • Odessa Home clowns