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Odessa as a spa town is perfect for any type of holiday, including family-friendly. Golden sandy beaches well maintained and offer an even tan a lot of interesting entertainment for the family. Volleyball, football and others - this is not the whole list. It can recharge yourself, having visited all the family on the beach. However, the question is where to go next, already nakupavshis and well light up?

And there is much to go. Family vacation in Odessa - is a wide variety of experiences, from delight to love in this beautiful cosmopolitan city. In addition, Odessa, her family atmosphere helps to get closer, to feel more united. And all thanks to the fact that the rest in Odessa with the whole family - this is the best way to spend your time. This holiday is always open for something new in the family and loved ones, and it is often encouraged. And vacation with children in Odessa is not exactly seem boring to anyone.
Activities for Children
Odessa-mother cares for the children, more than any other resort. She literally "waters" of these "flowers of life" a sea, sun bathing suits and offers many options. Especially popular are gambling venues such in Odessa a lot, and each is somehow different from the other. Children from different cities and regions are increasingly attend these centers where specifically for small and successful created and karaoke room and billiards ... there is another way to spend your vacation with your child. It offers the famous Odessa Zoo, which were born three baby elephant. This is the only Ukrainian zoo, where they could be born elephants. Live there and lions and many other animals. In addition to the zoo child can visit Jungle Park, located in the Maritime Gallery Seaport. There are more than 100 species of exotic animals, among them are the real giants.
Rest in Odessa with children
Its program for children offers also known dolphinarium "Nemo." Odessa - Homeland not only elephants, but also a small dolphin that is a true rarity in the world. The Dolphinarium birth of dolphin - a very rare case that says an exceptionally good conditions and high quality of service dolphins.
Do not question where to stay in Odessa with children. Hotel "Lermontovsky" - this is the hotel that is convenient and comfortable to everyone, and small adults. Thirty-three numbers are impressive comfort and originality combined with modern quality service. After a stop at the hotel, you can take a boat trip on the waters of the Gulf of Odessa.
If the kids love tricks, then your service Odessa circus on Koblevskaya street. Children under five free passes there and, of course, accompanied by an adult.
That's the Odessa resort city. Ideal for a family holiday, excellent for children and tots, Odessa takes care of every visitor.
where to relax with children in Odessa - water park
What to visit with the child in Odessa
Odessa Zoo Odessa Zoo
st. Novoschepnoy number 25
+380 48 722 55 89 Fax. +380 482 34 47 74
Odessa City Dolphinarium Nemo
Langeron beach 25
(048) -720-70-70
amusement park
Street, Assumption 1
+3 8048 7009919
Children shopping mall Mega Antoshka
Sq. Greek 2
(0482) 33-2083, 33-2084
Children's entertainment complex Igroland
Semaphore lane 4
(048) 728-27-07
Bowling City Bowling
Fontanka, South Road, SEC Riviera
(048) 796-5-000
Art Cafe restor Mans Mans at Home theater clowns
st. Olgievskaya 23
(048) -223-80-29
Children's entertainment complex TROPICAL PARK
Fontanka, South Road, SEC Riviera
(067) 730-63-80
Shop City Tales in the Riviera
Fontanka, South Road, SEC Riviera
(048) 796-53-81
Picolla Moda store in the Riviera
Fontanka, South Road, SEC Riviera
"Piccola moda" - a network of shops stylish children's clothing from Europe.
Transfiguration park
st. Novoschepnoy number 27
09/22/66; 25-85-44
Riviera - karting
Fontanka, South Road, SEC Riviera
(048) 735-24-34